My name is María López, I am originally from the south of Spain, from Cádiz. 
I am a very creative person and ambitious drawer. 
Child illustration specialist. 
Most of my work is influenced by Hayao Miyazaki and everything related to the Disney Company during the 90's. 
I really enjoy giving a visual resolution to any creative challenge. 
Currently with the boom in social networks I feel plenty of stimulation creating my internal world.
I choose references that transmit the same feelings that I intend to export to my illustrations, to help me in the evolution of my personal style.
My favorite music is David Bowie, Amaral and The Credence. Although everything depends on the place, the state and the moment.
My favorite novels,
"Misery and the Dark Tower saga by Stephen King, The Chronicle of the Killer of Kings trilogy, by Patrick Rothfuss and The Giver by Lois Lowry".
I really like video games. but always with fantasy themes or a child's touch, like "Ni No Kuni and Kingdom Hearts".
My favorite food, my grandmother's lentils.
Favorite color, it is impossible to have just one since, like the emotions they convey, each one is perfect for a different situation :)
I am concerned about overcrowding and climate change.
I love plants, I would love to have a small greenhouse room at home.
My dog ​​is called Shiva.
I love birds in the wild, black tea and traveling as much as I can.
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